vision getting worse

There is a big difference between how well or bad people’s views are. A large part of the world’s population wears glasses or contact lenses. Most people will wear glasses during their lives, as it is quite normal that age-bearing vision problems develop with age.


aging vision

What happens naturally with one’s eyesight is that the structure of the eye changes with age, and the cornea becomes less sensitive, so it will be possible to get damage without even discovering it.

At the age of 60, even pupils will be about one third of the size they were at the age of 20. The pupils react more slowly to dark and light, and the lens of the eye becomes less flexible.

The eye muscles become worse in moving the eye, and in general, one’s field of vision becomes smaller.

With age, even eye strength will decrease gradually, and it will typically be harder to focus on something close. That’s what we call old-fashioned vision, with a nicer word called presbyopia. However, this can happily be remedied with glasses or contact lenses.

The age can also cause it to be harder to distinguish colors, but although this is annoying, it is not something that is dangerous.

Many displays

displays hurt vision

In addition to the age-related deteriorat

ion of one’s vision, there are various aspects that can affect one’s vision, already in the early life.

If you read emails, Facebook looks, reads books or the like on their tablet or smartphone, this may help to worsen your eyesight. There is a risk of damage to your eyes when you look closely at the luminous display. What happens on the screen will often be relatively small and it will force one to concentrate a lot and tighten up the eye muscles to focus on what’s included on the screen.

One’s eyes are hard to relax if you look at something that’s so close. Moreover, if you tend to look at your phone in high sunshine, you will be challenging your eyes, and this is certainly not a positive one. One can get very tired of the eyes, and with the development it is today, it is worth noting that children and young people spend more and more time in front of the small screens. In fact, children right down to the nursery age. It’s a really negative development if researchers are right, as they can contribute to worsening children’s view, from they are quite small.

If you feel that you are too bad to sit long with your smartphone or tablet, you can do a few things yourself to help yourself. If you have both a computer and a tablet, you should try to get used to using your computer whenever possible. If you’re happy to read articles or mails on your phone, it’s a good idea to enlarge the text as you read. And applicable to all your mobile devices – you should set the brightness to make it comfortable for the eye!